Do you struggle to write the perfect ad? Is the thought of A/B testing ads driving you literally insane? You've come to the write (hah!) place. Not only is Brett Middleton an expert in paid media, with 4 years of experience managing AdWords, Facebook, and other channels - but he's been featured in Aggregate Blog's 142 Best Facebook Ads of 2017 (3 times!). He previously managed Facebook advertising at Leadpages/Drip & Leesa and wrote the ads in the 13th, 24th & 60th spots. That's pretty dang good. 

For a limited time you can get 10 ad variations for the platform of your choice written within 24 hours, for only $60! It's a no-brainer. Click below to sign up and let's write you some ads!

Here's what you can expect

  • 10 Ads written from 3-5 brand positions (think UVPs)
    • This is done to help you inform the rest of your marketing efforts, paid ads can function as a great barometer for testing out HOW to talk to, and engage, your target audience. You're investing in something larger than just a few ads!
  • Ads that are tied into your landing page messaging
  • Ads tailored towards achieving your goals
  • Delivered within 24 hours (At the latest)

Need more information? Brett Middleton is a seasoned veteran of startup marketing (previously mentioned Leesa & Leadpages) and currently is a Media Supervisor at FRWD in Minneapolis & offering his services to businesses in need of help. He's also a contributing author to Search Engine Land