Dynamic UTM Tags For Facebook Ads

Did you know that Facebook ads can by tagged dynamically? It's not something I'd paid much attention to, but it's blown my freaking mind. Instead of developing your own manual tags and assigning things like source, medium, campaign, content, etc you could be bringing in even more awesome information you didn't know could be pulled into Google Analytics.

If you follow Facebook's recommendations on the best practices for campaign setup 

  • Combine placements together (Facebook wants you to use them all)
  • Build your ads from existing posts instead of making a new ad every time 
    • Every time you make an ad, it makes an ad post, if you use that ad post as an ad by copying the Post ID and choosing to "Use an Existing Post" when you make a new ad it will combine your ad stats across all ad sets where the ad is in use, this means that ad with a million shares will actually show that it has a million shares, instead of what you're doing now...which actually means you've got 15 different ads if you created the ad and duplicated it for your 15 different ad sets

When doing these things we run into a few issues, we lose the ability to tag the ads differently, all our ads will be tagged the same if we just do the typical utm tagging process - so you won't know if a click from Instagram or Facebook drove those sales. However, this is where dynamic tagging comes in. 

Your tags will look like this 


Go here for Facebook's guide on the subject with a list of all taggable dimensions, the most interesting one to me is placement. Now, placement isn't a usable secondary dimension in Google Analytics, so you won't be able to use the information that way, but if you export GA data around the landing page traffic is coming in from (or build audiences in GA based on url contains x placement) you'll be able to see which ad placements are bringing in the best users. FINALLY we have a way to validate in GA if that audience network traffic is actually doing anything, this is a game changer people. Let's get excited about it.