How To Decrease Your CPCs in Facebook Ads

If you’re using Facebook ads to drive traffic, and have a limited budget, you really can’t afford to spend a $2+ per click. Especially if you’re just figuring out your audience. Here’s what I recommend doing to bring costs down.

Step 1. If you’re using a link click, or awareness, campaign you are making a mistake! If at all possible run a Conversion campaign, this will have Facebook optimizing your ad delivery to those most likely to take action AND will use CPM bidding (cost per thousand impressions). If you need help setting this up email me at

Step 2. Create a video ad, or animated ad that allows you to enter your ad as a video. If you don’t have the time or ability to record a video ad, use a series of images in a gif maker (like gif maker, or Or, my personal favorite, if you take photos on your iPhone try out an app like Typomatic to create animated ads from your phone.

If you start using the right objectives/bid methods and test out video or animated ads you will see a decrease in CPC, stretching your budget even further. You’re welcome!