How To Write A Great AdWords Ad

Review Competitor Ads

Let's say you're looking to launch and advertise a new platform for Fantasy Football - take a look at what other sites are saying in their ads. The top 2 positions are making it very clear that they're free to use, but Fleaflicker does something very well.


Their use of ad extensions is one thing to note right away, the ad extensions EVERYONE should use are callouts, sitelinks, and structured snippets - and they hit all 3, conveying so much information quickly. Competing against, CBS, ESPN, Yahoo, etc. it's important for them to let searchers know right away what they offer, and overcome any objections immediately. Importing your league from another platform is a big one - review your business and have a deep understanding of any objections you may have to overcome to get the searcher to click on your ad. Beyond objections, what other UVPs (unique value propositions) should you convey? My favorite that Fleaflicker mentions is that you can conduct multi-team trades, that's pretty cool!

Write Ads From Different Brand Positions

You've seen what your competition is saying, thought about objections and UVPs, but how do you actually get started writing ads without it feeling thrown together? Let's identify at least 2 brand positions, for example - your fantasy football site could use the following positions

  1. Best Expert Advice (Our fantasy website includes access to experts who provide the best rankings and news updates in the industry)
  2. Best Mobile App (How often do you even use a computer? Join the fantasy football site with the best mobile experience)

Within these brand positions, write 2 versions of ads with only one variation between them (start by testing the headline - then test ad text, display URL, etc) and you've got yourself 4 good ads that can help you identify the best brand position to build additional marketing around. Using the results of your advertising testing is essential to improving your marketing in other areas! Test using this position on landing pages, in emails, etc.

Using CTAs In PPC Ads

That feels like too many acronyms, but calls-to-action are the next big thing we need to wrap our heads around. This section is pretty simple, look at all three ads above and you'll notice that each uses a CTA to tell the searcher what the next thing they should do is, to capture attention. 

Fleaflicker & Dataforce use "Play", Fantrax uses "Join". Same thing though. Presumably each of these companies likely tested play vs join vs still other CTAs, you should absolutely test CTAs within your ad copy and find the best one to increase CTR and conversions.  Now that you've gotten here...

  1. Reviewing the competition
  2. Identifying Objections & UVPs
  3. Testing Brand Positions & Ad Copy
  4. Adding/Testing CTAs

You are ready to write great ads, get after it!