SEO: Why we've started offering it

Did you know that organic SERP listings are shrinking? Your business is losing it’s organic real estate, and that’s good news for advertisers (and ad agencies) but it could be bad news for businesses looking to rely on organic traffic. So why is BMDA starting to offer SEO? Just because it’s getting more difficult doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable, and taking a holistic approach to marketing your business online is our ultimate goal.

We’ll be putting out more content around how we work as your SEO partner & what our approach is over the next few months. Take this post as an informal announcement that your organic needs are now able to be met by us, let’s work together and grow your traffic! We’re serious about doing whatever it takes to get more visitors to your site, that’s why we don’t sell you x hours of paid media and y hours of SEO - you pay us to manage your online marketing strategy and we’ll adjust our work each month to meet your goals. Let’s talk!