My Facebook Ads Were Recognized As Being Awesome

When searching for inspiration about what people were doing to create amazing Facebook ads, I performed a little google search. I came across this list of the best ads of 2017. I was responsible for ads 13, 24, and 60! Working with an amazing creative team is paramount to success in Facebook - your business needs to invest in good copywriters and designers to make advertising effective. If you're running Facebook ads and need help getting your campaign to perform, let's talk!

Why I'm Offering AdTherapy

This could be a one sentence post, honestly. 

Because I've seen first-hand how stressful and frustrating advertising online can be.

I've helped over 25+ businesses manage their ad campaigns. Startups, small businesses, hospitals, SaaS companies, consultants, and I've learned along the way that we all need to start working together and educating each other. I don't want to manage your ad campaigns and charge you a lot of money. My hope is that I can be a reference for you to make smart decisions for your business. I'm willing to teach you everything I know. My hope is that this means my services become more affordable for everyone, and businesses that can't afford an agency can get the help they need. If you're an advertiser looking for some help, try AdTherapy. I seriously hope you find it therapeutic!

Brett Middleton

Open For Business

Hey website visitor, if you're reading this (how did you get here?!) I'm really excited about that! I am beginning the journey of self-employment and becoming a full-time paid media expert for businesses like yours. My wife is joining me along the way on the Project Management side of things (she makes this whole thing work).

Are you struggling to create growth? Are you doing well with your business, but just need a little extra acceleration? Let's talk about how we can make things better. I can take ownership of your campaigns and make greatness happen. I hope you'll be in touch soon, it's the right decision.

Brett Middleton