Simple Pricing

We’re experimenting with pricing, because most agencies and freelancers make this too complicated. You’ll pay $250 for a diagnostic and receive a media plan to grow your business. You’ll have the opportunity to front-load work or have a longer relationship, we’re flexible & you’ll get payment options that fit your needs.

For small businesses spending less than $2,000 I’ve got a solution for you at the bottom of this page.

Get Results

Coming from high-growth startups has lead to one thing, tenacious execution. BMDA is founded on the idea that you have to test endlessly; results are typically monitored daily and we promptly move on to the next test the moment one ends. Having an expertise strictly in paid media has allowed this type of focus, how focused is your current marketing agency?


Often the hardest part of marketing can be identifying components you can rely on to generate results at an acceptable cost. Once you do that, the real challenge begins. How can you use ad spend to create growth and demand without losing efficiency? It's not one size fit's all, but BMDA uses all digital channels available to make it happen for you. Your business needs a mix of Facebook & Instagram Ads to retarget your Taboola traffic as a 2nd point of awareness and recognition, with AdWords to catch branded searches and we do it all.