Benefits & Pricing


Ad Account Management & Reporting

Sometimes you just need someone to maintain things for you - yes there are almost always areas to improve performance (and I’ll do what I can to find them for you), but with my small business plan anyone can afford to get a little help. You’ll get 2 hours of auditing, optimization & new campaign creation as well as a data studio report that let’s you track results whenever you need to take a peek at performance for $100/month. There are more benefits though!


Access to Google & Facebook Reps (In The Future!)

Here’s the deal, in most instances your business, and even ad agencies, will not be able to get access to direct support staff at Facebook or Google without ad spend in the $200k+/month range. That’s out of reach for most people (and MANY agencies!), I can’t offer it to you today but it’s my goal to offer my services to as many small businesses as I can and continue outreach efforts to these platforms to get you access to reps.

Why do you need this? You are missing out on beta’s, advanced reporting, creative/ad best practice support, and more! To get help from an ad agency large enough to have these reps you are probably playing a pretty good premium, play your cards right and you’ll get this for $100/month.



At this point you’ve probably seen me mention a few times that this service is $100/month for small businesses who just need a few hours of work per month to keep their ad accounts humming, this is coming from a place of transparency. You should always know what you’re going to be charged, what you’re getting for your money & that you can end service at any time (no notice needed, you just won’t be charged the next month). I’m kind of a fun guy and I love traveling with my family, in the future I might be offering a discount for businesses who run their ad spend through me (because points). Transparent enough for you? This is a partnership, start service now - my current price may increase after I have 100 clients on this plan.