The Newbie

When you make a new hire, one who will be running your ad campaigns; do you have the time and resources to fully train them in? Don't just hand over the keys to your ad accounts and hope for the best. Whether this is your first paid media hire, or your lead doesn't have the time to on-board, we can make it work. 

The Investment

You may be spending very little in advertising at the moment, but you have a team member with a vision. Cynthia in Social Media has been learning about paid media tactics and deserves a shot. You can't fully switch her off her current duties at the moment, but given the right training and direction she could transform your growth trajectory. Invest in your team.


This can be done several ways, but they are just different paths to the same goal. Independence, and wonderful marketing, for your business. With access to your campaigns I can perform a review of your current capabilities and train your team on what the path forward should be, providing direction tailored to your company. When more conversation is needed we can set a remote schedule to screen-share and talk through your campaigns and provide an ongoing education. When results are of the utmost importance and your team has to hit the ground running, we'll come to you for in-person training.